Road asset management strategy

A fresh approach to highways asset management

Highways networks are crucial to the prosperity of local areas and their populations. But maintenance backlogs and reducing budgets make it very difficult to prevent their decline.

Blackpool Council has developed the RAMS Framework as a clearly defined programme of work to help you manage your highways assets more effectively, make the right investment decisions and proactively maintain your network, preventing the need for costly reconstruction.



the right places
at the right time

We developed the RAMS Framework in close association with the Department of Transport. By adopting the Framework, your local authority will benefit from pioneering highways asset management allowing you to justify making major investment decisions to interrupt the cycle of decline affecting your local highways network.

Investing in the right places at the right time will bring your network to a standard where it can be proactively maintained. You will then be able to implement cost-effective treatments which prevent your assets from deteriorating to a critical condition which requires major, costly reconstruction.


Key considerations

created with funding applications in mind

  • RAMS Framework follows a procurement process fully compliant with Public Contract Regulations, 2015.
  • Adoption of the RAMS Framework provides access to the expertise and knowledge of LCRIG and partners from the academic and research and development sectors.
  • The state-of-the-art technology used by the RAMS Framework provides the most accurate road asset data available.
  • The RAMS Framework has been created with funding applications in mind, as it helps to clearly demonstrate the financial and social benefits of adopting it.


millions of pounds in long-term savings

By adopting the RAMS Framework and accessing the expert support offered by LCRIG, local councils have achieved fantastic results for themselves and the people they serve. This includes:

  • millions of pounds in long-term savings
  • elimination of significant maintenance backlog
  • improved whole life management of highway assets
  • improvements in the quality, service levels and appearance of highways and footways
  • improved safety for the public
  • economic benefits for local businesses
  • significant reduction in compensation claims
  • more efficient use of raw materials
  • reduction in long-term survey costs
  • more effective management of projects
  • safeguarding of workforce and skills winning of prestigious national awards for highways asset management

The Blackpool RAMS Framework is a shining example of something that can help local authorities secure long-term investment and turn that capital into long-term savings.

Matthew Lugg, Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme Advocate


Creating opportunities for the ‘highways community’ to work together

Blackpool Council created the Local Councils Roads Investment Group (LCRIG) so local authorities could work together to address the decline of their highways networks in the most effective way. As a member, you will:

  • receive support on how to implement and make the most of the RAMS Framework
  • work with members to develop standard methods for asset management
  • receive guidance on how to develop long-term business plans to help you secure investment
  • have access to leading expertise from ‘research and development’ and ‘academic’ partners
  • share best practice in highways asset management with tools exclusively available to LCRIG members
  • learn about latest technology breakthroughs with guidance on how they can benefit you
  • work with members to promote greater clarity with regards to current regulatory requirements
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